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Buy Stevia At Affordable Prices

  Stevia is gaining in popularity worldwide as one of the best natural sweeteners that can replace sugar. Stevia is the only natural sweetener with zero calories. Traditionally used by tribes of Paraguay and Brazil as a sweetener this herb was discovered in the 16th century by Petrus Jacobus Stevus after whom it is named (stevia rebaudiana).   Scientists researched stevia and identified the glycoside that gave the typically sweet taste, far sweeter than sugar. However, synthetic sweeteners ruled the roost until their adverse effects on the human body came to light. Rising concerns about health and weight loss led to stevia’s rise to fame and popularity as the best natural alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners. If you have...

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How to control the glycemic index?

  GI Good carbs GI bad carbs 10 Green vegetables, tomatoes 110 Maltose (beer) 10 Zucchini, eggplant 103 Honey date 10 Onion, garlic 100 Azúcar, glucosa, dextrosa 15 Celery, fresh apricots, tofu 95 Baked potatoes, French fries 15 Nuts, unsalted peanuts 95 Rice flour, modified starch 20 Cooked soybeans, fructose 90 Mashed potatoes, French fries 22 Peas, green lentils 85 Honey, grape juice, dried dates 22 Sugar jelly 85 Dried carrots, roasted rice or parboiled 30 Green beans, chickpeas 85 Hamburger bun, corn hojuelaz 30 yellow lentils 80 Beans, dried dates 30 Dairy products, raw carrots 70 Baguette bread, cookies, sugary cereal 35 Wild rice, figs, dried apricots 70 Candy bars, sweet drinks 40 Brown beans, peas 70 Boiled potatoes,...

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Pay close attention to diabetes complications

    Diabetes is a disease that can be controlled as well as the associated clinical conditions. One of the main treatments for diabetes is a balanced diet, which will help maintain sugar (glucose) in the blood at the appropriate levels, control your weight and avoid complications related to disease. Depending on the type of diabetes that you have, your nutritionist will develop an appropriate meal plan for your condition. Find out how a healthy lifestyle that includes a healthy diet, exercise, can be powerful tools to cope with diabetes. Excess glucose can cause acute cardiovascular complications, ending up with conditions such as diabetic foot. Stevia Vithalia will tell you what are the symptoms and complications. One of the symptoms includes...

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Simple but effective recipe for natural cure to diabetes.

      Do you know that every year, almost two million new cases of diabetes are diagnosed know? This is a reality that is affecting most of the people, this is due to the inactivity in which we live, poor diet, etc. Now we will tell the story of a man who was diagnosed with diabetes and hypertension, he knew he had to take their medication but by using vegetables and fruits could overcome his illness, and what better way than in a healthy and effective one. A few years ago the man realized he suffered from diabetes, the doctor told him that his pancreas was not working anymore, so for the sake of it, it was necessary to...

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