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Simple but effective recipe for natural cure to diabetes.




Do you know that every year, almost two million new cases of diabetes are diagnosed know? This is a reality that is affecting most of the people, this is due to the inactivity in which we live, poor diet, etc.

Now we will tell the story of a man who was diagnosed with diabetes and hypertension, he knew he had to take their medication but by using vegetables and fruits could overcome his illness, and what better way than in a healthy and effective one.

A few years ago the man realized he suffered from diabetes, the doctor told him that his pancreas was not working anymore, so for the sake of it, it was necessary to utilize insulin. Clearly, he ignored him: regularly used insulin, but other health problems came to him. So he began using too many drugs.

In late 2013, he got tired of the high consumption of drugs and the disease, he wanted to do something different, turned on the television and watched the "The Edge of Science" program. And guest was Dr. Juan Zirdum, who had consumed only raw foods for a long period of twelve years.

The man with all his enthusiasm began to make fruit smoothies, initially had a hard time, so of course there is temptation. But he continued and soon had very good results: their level of blood sugar had dropped. The man left the insulin and even under a couple of kilos.

The man lost almost ten kilos in less than a month, your blood sugar level had their blood pressure dropped considerably 120-60, and all this in just four months.

Simple But Effective To Cure Diabetes Natural Recipe. Tested!


His favorite recipe:

  • A pint of water.
  • Two apples.
  • Five kiwis.
  • Two bananas.
  • A handful of cabbage

1 Viteliah powder packet.In the morning you can drink half a liter of beaten, then when you feel hungry you can eat salads, fruits and tuna since vitamin B12 is necessary.

This showed that he wanted to make a change in his life and become aware of what is happening, you can have all the strength and positivism that can achieve this.

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