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Stevia is gaining in popularity worldwide as one of the best natural sweeteners that can replace sugar. Stevia is the only natural sweetener with zero calories. Traditionally used by tribes of Paraguay and Brazil as a sweetener this herb was discovered in the 16th century by Petrus Jacobus Stevus after whom it is named (stevia rebaudiana).


Scientists researched stevia and identified the glycoside that gave the typically sweet taste, far sweeter than sugar. However, synthetic sweeteners ruled the roost until their adverse effects on the human body came to light. Rising concerns about health and weight loss led to stevia’s rise to fame and popularity as the best natural alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners. If you have a sweeth tooth but do not wish to gain calories, stevia is for you. Stevia has the lowest glycemic index and that makes it ideal for people with type 2 diabetes. Sugar has a glycemic index of 100 with starchy foods ranging from 55 to 95.


Where to buy stevia is a concern because it is not available widely in stores and what you buy may not be the genuine article. Online stores are the best places from where to buy stevia. Navigate to the right store and you will find stevia available in various packaging. You could buy a box bundle containing 80 packets or stevia in liquid form in a bottle. You can buy a bundle containing tablets and mints. That is not all. You get ready to make natural herbal tea based on stevia in lemon flavor. Buy 3 packs each containing 100 tablets for long term use and you get a discount. If you prefer stevia in powder form, it is available in sachets of 80 packets to a box in a bundle of 3 at affordable prices.


It pays to look into the background of the online store from where you intend to buy stevia. Online retailers sell stevia as just one product among many. On the other hand there are stevia manufacturers with vast experience in food industry. The stevia offered here on this site is different in that it does not use Rebaudioside A extracted when using the ethanol process. Their product contains stevioglycosides in the pure form but without the distinctive taste that can be a bit off-putting to some people. Combined with inulin derived from chicory roots, this formulation dissolves easily in water. In addition to basic stevia that can be used as a sweetner in foods and beverages you can also buy ready to use herbal teas and mints with the lowest calorie count and respectable glycemic index figures. This is perfect for diabetics and people with weight issues.


Sugar and refined starches have been termed “white poisons” because of the long term damaging effects they have on the human body. Stevia is a safe alternative that even healthy people can incorporate into their lifestyles and be assured of remaining free from health risks.

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