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Kit AA Naturevia Stevia Abdomen Plano

Kit Naturevia Abdomen Plano Chia Seeds Flax Seeds



  • 2 Paquetes Fibra Quiebra Barriga Naturevia ( Para reducir grasas)
  • 1 Te helado en polvo con Stevia y Prebióticos ( Reductor de azúcares)
  • 1 Mentas con Stevia ( Para reducir la ansiedad)
  • 1 Cita con una nutricionista Universidad Nacional ON LINE gratis para complementar el uso del kit y obtener mejores resultados.


  • Mejora la digestión, problemas de colon y estreñimiento.
  • Ayuda a eliminar grasas, bajar de peso, y reducir abdomen de manera natural.
  • No es un medicamento es a base de semillas y plantas.
  • Ayuda a controlar el azúcar, ayuda a adelgazar.
  • Ayuda a controlar la ansiedad, te ayuda a dar menos hambre.
  • Mejora problemas de colesterol, triglicéridos, diabetes.



  • Stevia alta pureza .Controla los azucares
  • Semillas de Chia. Super Alimento. 7 Veces mas Calcio que la Leche y 5 Veces mas Omega 3 que el pescado
  • Semillas de Linaza. Super Alimento. Fibra de alta calidad.
  • Otros componentes propios de la fórmula.
  • Este producto no necesita remojo, no sabe amargo como otras linazas.
  • Limón extracto.


  • Cualquier persona, no tiene contra indicaciones niños a partir de 4 años


  • ( Delicioso Sabor) A diferencia de otras linazas o productos.
  • Fibra Quiebra Barriga: Dos cucharadas antes del desayuno y antes de la cena en un vaso de agua grande.
  • Te helado: Como sobremesa del almuerzo y durante el dia para hidratar
  • Durante el dia como pasabocas.


Estaremos contigo en todo el proceso, a través de Charlas totalmente GRATIS HOY para que puedas resolver preguntas de como bajar de peso, para eso te damos gratis una cita con nuestra nutricionista. Las instrucciones para agendar la cita van dentro del paquete.



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Recipe for lossing acumulated fat with ginger and Naturevia Stevia

Water is the most natural liquid you can drink, is not only good to stay hydrated, but also cleanses the body from waste.

Therefore, water can be used as a vehicle to get rid of excess body fat ...

It boosts the immune system!

Ginger helps to improve the immune system.

Ginger is one of the oldest cures for colds, nausea and flu, as it has anti-fungal and anti viral properties. It cures colds and provides immediate relief and also kills the bacteria that cause colds and ensures that no return.

Drinking ginger tea and relieve sore throat and cough even stopping congestion. Ginger contains chromium, magnesium and zinc can help prevent chills, fever and sweating. It also acts as an antihistamine and therefore is useful in treating allergies.

Ginger tea is used for weight loss as it increases metabolism, it stimulates circulation and excretion of toxins from the body. The herb facilitates colon cleansing too. Colon cleansing also helps good digestion, so the better digestion, more weight loss.


One of the most effective uses of ginger is acting as an anti-inflammatory agent that helps reduce joint inflammation. The responsible for the significant reduction of inflammation anti-inflammatory compounds are called gingerols. And they are amazing for arthritis patients.It does not allow the blood vessels to swell and thus helps increase blood flow to the body and heals the pain. Ginger helps in the expansion of blood vessels to increase the warmth of his body.This makes your body burn fat more efficiently!

In addition to increasing fat loss, ginger can also help you feel satisfied, which in turn reduces food intake.Furthermore, it has been shown that ginger functions as a natural appetite suppressant which is the best way to lose weight.

Natural appetite suppressants are safe and cause no rebound.

Ginger is virtually free of calories, and when used in cooking or tea, can give you a slight advantage in meeting their weight loss goals.

Ginger and weight loss go hand in hand and partly because ginger is known to be a thermogenic food.

Here is a recipe to eliminate excess body fat and to make it easier to lose a few kilos, and the swelling is reduced and helps with digestion:





-8 Cups of water.

-1 Teaspoon grated ginger root.

-1 Fresh, peeled and thinly sliced ​​cucumber.

-The Natural juice of 2 oranges.

-1 Lemon, also sliced.

-12 Mint leaves.

-1 Naturevia Stevia Powder Packet with inulin

Put all ingredients in a glass bowl and let the mixture sit overnight.

The next day and can drink this refreshing blend.

Preferably take this drink every day to get all the benefits.

It is not needed to perform a physical activity to burn fat taking this drink.

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