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We are so excited for our shop launch; this site is the online shop of Stevia USA LLC a company that manufactures natural food, beverages and candy using Stevia as sweetener. Founder Julian E. Zamora started this venture after many years of experience working in the food industry. We knew of Stevia as an ingredient and all of its extraordinary health benefits, so we decided to have a positive impact in community and decided to create healthy low calorie food alternatives.

With great focus and dedication, we created our assortment of products under the Viteliah brand .  Our philosophy is to design, manufacture and distribute the most innovative, best tasting natural products manufactured under the strictest quality controls and highest quality ingredients available.

We started with a complete line of tabletop sweeteners in powder, tablet and liquid form. Our great tasting formula is different from that of our competitors, we DO NOT use highly processed Reb A ( Rebaudioside A) a molecule from the Stevia leaves that is extracted using solvents such as ethanol. Instead, we use the whole extract stevioglycosides 90/60 and toenhancethe sweetening effect we use Inulin (from chicory roots) a dietary fiber that promotes good digestion and works as diluent to help to dissolve the sweetener.

Our confectionery line of products come in different flavors, Viteliah Mints come in elegant metallic containers. This product is intended for the consumer whoenjoys sweet tasting products with low calories and the properties of Stevia.

Our ice tea powder mix with Stevia as sweetener and inulin with prebiotic properties, is a functional drink or nutraceutical as it is referred to nowadays because it offers additional benefits such as prebiotic properties. This powder drink is refreshing, delicious and perfect for controlling blood sugar levels and for accompanying any meal.

We will by continue to innovateby adding more products to our assortment, always keeping our customer’s needs in mind.

Stevia is a wonderful plant with amazing benefits  yet to be discovered.


Stevia USA