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Sugar-Free Iced Tea Powder (10.5 oz, Pack of 1) - IceTevia Drink Powder Mix Sweetened with Stevia, Natural Prebiotic Fiber, Low-Calorie, Free of: Sugar, Gluten, Aspartame; Lemon Flavor

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- DELICIOUS TASTE WITH HEALTH BENEFITS: we use the best quality of all-natural Stevia leaf extracts.

-  MAKES OVER 200 SERVINGS: each bottle goes a long way to make over 200 12oz glasses of iced tea.

- PREBIOTIC FIBER: inulin promotes digestion, it makes the iced tea a functional nutraceutical drink.

- DIABETIC FRIENDLY: this drink is perfect for accompanying any meal & controlling blood sugar levels.

-  HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE: low in calories, with zero sugars, Reb A, erythritol, dextrose and maltodextrin.

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