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Stevia Mints Peppermint Flavor - 12 Metallic Boxes

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  • Naturevia Stevia Mints
  • 100 Mints per box
  • Natural Flavor.
  • Long lasting fresh mint scent
  • Ellegant metallic metallic box
  • Sugar free candy, no aspartame or sucralose
  • Affordable price kit
  • Keep your sugar levels down and under control
  • All the stevia benefits in each product
  • Zero calories
  • Carbohydrates free
  • No Maltodextrine no Dextrose
  • Includes inulin, a dietary fiber which promotes digestion
  • Great taste, no bitter aftertaste
  • Natural Stevia Sweetener made from whole stevia leaves
  • We use the highest quality stevia extracs (never Reb A, a highly processed ingredient)
  • Suitable for sweetening any kind of beverage or food
  • Protect your teeth against cavities
  • Great option for diabetics
  • Zero Glycemic Index
  • Non GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms)
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